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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

“Every Human Being is the Author of His Own Health or Disease”


We already know about “Preventative Maintenance” for your car and your home, but, just in case you don’t, “Preventative Maintenance” is the idea of doing something in order to prevent some bigger or unexpected issues from happening in the future.

In terms of Holistic Health, “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” is the idea that an Individual going for Treatment Therapy, not because they are ‘Injured’ or in ‘Pain’ but because they are trying to prevent “Injuries or Sickness” from happening in the future. Most people already engage in some form of “Preventative Maintenance” for their health, thanks to their Doctors, Physicians, Therapists and Chiropractors, but most often the only times they schedule to go for a “Treatment Therapy” are often when they are in severe “Pain” or are already “Injured”.

And who can actually benefit from these “Preventative Maintenance Therapy?” The answer is EVERYONE! The old, the young, and those who live active lives and those who are more sedentary – so this Great “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” is for EVERYONE, even those with no Pain or Injury at the current moment.


If you live an Active Lifestyle, there will come a time when your Muscles will become fatigued and your Joints are worn out – so you will need to be “Proactive”. The Benefits that you can derive from getting such frequent and regular “Preventative Maintenance Therapy”, beyond relaxation, are as follows:

(1) Improvement to Your Overall Mood and Mental Health

One of the most obvious “Tangible Benefit” of this “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” is the improvement to your overall “Mood” and “Mental Health”. It has become almost customary for some people to go regularly for a “Full Body Massage” at the end of an especially tiring and stressful day. Research had shown that indulging in a “Full Body Massage” may help to relieve Anxiety and even Depression. According to a study made by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, one of the benefits of massage is its ability to reduce levels of “Cortisol” – a well-known “Stress Hormone” – by over 53%. It also increases your Body’s “Dopamine’ and “Serotonin” levels, which your body releases when you’re happy or relaxed.

Our Special “Preventive Maintenance Therapy” specifically targets treatment to “relax” and “soften” your stressed Muscles Tissues in the Legs, Back, Shoulders and Neck which will give you an overall sense of Wellness and Wellbeing. You will feel completely relaxed after the “Preventive Maintenance Therapy” Session, with your Legs feeling “Feather-Light” and having the flexibility to bend, squat and even climb stairs quite easily. You will feel more flexibility on your Back as we help to loosen up and relaxes those Muscles and Joints on your Leg, Lower and Upper Back as well as your Shoulders and Neck. You will feel the effects of the “Happy Hormone (Dopamine and Serotonin)” being released by the body. You will then be able to sleep like a Baby in the night.

(2) Prevention and Relief of Migraine-Induced Headaches

The Benefits of a good targeted “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” Session can go as far as preventing and relieving your headaches, particularly those Migraine-Induced ones. Excessive Stress and extreme Lack of Sleep can usually trigger a Migraine Attack.

The “Annals of Behavioral Medicine” published a study where they noted that Respondents who received Periodic or Regular “Full Body Massage/Therapy” sleep much better. They also had fewer occurrences of Migraine-Induced Headaches as opposed to those Respondents who did not have a regular “Full Body Massage/Therapy”. The effects of the said “Full Body Massage/Therapy” may even last up to two weeks. Experts highly recommend people who regularly experience Migraine-Induced Headaches to go for a “Full Body Massage/Therapy” session at least once a month to minimize their Migraine episodes.

Our Special “Preventive Maintenance Therapy” includes clearing the Pathways of the Body Meridien Channels, thus freeing you of any possible ‘Blockages’ or ‘Qi’ Stagnation you may be having at the moment. You will feel a “Surge in Energy Level” through the overall improvement to your Blood Circulation, being “Light-Headed” and be free of your headaches after your Therapy Session.

(3) Maintenance of A Healthy Blood Pressure

It is rather unsafe for people with “High Blood Pressure” to further engage in highly stressful daily activities. Sustained high levels of stress could lead to either a ‘Stroke’ or a ‘Heart Attack’ if the High Blood Pressure is not well supervised and controlled. This is why it is very interesting to note that one of the benefits of the “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” includes the better maintenance and control of your “Blood Pressure”. A study published in the “Biological Research for Nursing Journal” had people with “High Blood Pressure” go through a 10-minute “Massage/Therapy” THREE times a week. Those who had the 10-minute “Massage/Therapy” had a considerably lower levels of Blood Pressure compared to those who did not have any kind of “Massage/Therapy”.

Our Special “Preventive Maintenance Therapy” Session includes actions taken to stimulate certain vital “Acupressure Points” to help clear your Body Meridien Channels, thus freeing them of any ‘Qi’ Blockages/Stagnation or having “Blood Statis”, thereby reducing your risks considerably of these “Strokes” or “Heart Attacks” which may be caused by your uncontrolled “High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)”. This is even more useful for those people who are NOT on Hypertensive medication but are considered “Borderline Hypertensive”.

(4) Alleviating Your Back-Related Pain or Discomfort

A lot of people who seek the services of a “Physical Therapist” are usually those who suffers from some form of Back-Related Problems. Common complaints can range from the simplest “Crick” in the Spine or some other factors, such as recovery from an Accident. A lot of people might think that going to a “Physical Therapist” to help alleviate “Back-Related Pain” might seem like a baseless claim, but there are studies to back up this particular claim. The “Annals of Internal Medicine” published another study showing the benefits of “Massage/Physical Therapy” in people suffering from “Chronic Back Pain”. Those who got a “Full Body Massage/Therapy” or some other “Spinal Adjustment” found it to be more effective in alleviating Back-Related Pain than other types of Therapy, such as Acupuncture. Additionally, those who went in for Regular “Massage/Therapy” sessions were able to reduce their intake of painkillers by up to 36%.

Our Special “Preventive Maintenance Therapy” may also include some minor “Spinal Adjustments or Alignment” (should the need arises), in addition to working on the Nerves and Muscles of the Legs, Back, Shoulders and Neck. Those found to be suffering from conditions like “Frozen Shoulders” and “Sciatica Pain” issues are then immediately given some Temporary Relief first during the “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” session before they come back for further follow up Treatment Sessions to address those more serious conditions. We are one of the Best Specialist Treatment Centre for conditions such as “Frozen Shoulders” and “Sciatica Pain” which are almost ‘unmatched’ by any others in this industry. Our Consultant Therapist is very well known in this industry as one of the Best Therapist for the treatment of these very difficult conditions and having treated Thousands of successful cases under his Belt using various very unique treatment methods which were pioneered by him. Our results speak volume for itself. One session with us and you can already tell that we are indeed one of the Best Treatment Centre for these conditions which other people claim may takes years to heal. We can completely cure you in just a matter of a few days.

(5) Post Surgery Rehabilitation

The “Rehabilitation Period” after any kind of “Surgical Operation” is an essential aspect to ensuring that your body will be able to fully regenerate and regain full control of its functions after the operation procedure. One of the unknown benefits of “Full Massage/Therapy” is in its ability to help in your body’s recovery by assisting in the improvement of your Overall Body Flexibility, Joints Movement, Blood Circulation, and improvement in their Muscle Use. Studies has also show that a “Full Body Massage/Therapy” could also help to boost Tissue Growth and minimize Post-Surgical Swelling and Inflammation.

Our Special “Preventive Maintenance Therapy” includes working with you to help you to structure and build a “Rehabilitation Plan” so as to facilitate a faster speed of recovery from your “Post-Operation Procedures”. This may also include those Patients whom may have just recently suffered from a “Stroke” and needs assistance in helping them regain their Muscles Strength, Functions and/or Mobility. (Results may however vary from person to person depending on the severity of their conditions and damages to their Muscles/Nerves sustained by them).

(6) Improving The Blood and Lymphatic Circulation

Our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy will help you to improve your Blood and Lymphatic Circulation. This is due partly to the “Physical Manipulation” of the Soft Tissues and partly due to the chemicals/hormones released as part of the Relaxation response.

“Improved Blood Circulation” can enhance the delivery of a higher level of Oxygen and Nutrients to the Muscle Cells. As “Cellular Health” improves, the Muscle Tissues function more efficiently. More efficient Tissues Functioning leads to better removal of Waste Products and Toxins and may increase the absorption of excess fluids and reduce the swelling and inflammation in the Soft Tissues.

Our Special “Preventive Maintenance Therapy” Session helps in the overall improvement of your “Blood and Lymphatic Circulation”, including your “Micro-Circulation”. With better overall circulation, Muscles and Nerve tissues becomes less tense. With improved “Lymphatic Drainage”, there will be less “Swelling” and “Water Retention”, all of which will result in a greater reduction of Inflammation in the Body and the Eradication of Pain.

(7) Relaxing Muscle and Nerve Tissues

Our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” relaxes your Muscles and Nerve Tissues, which in turn reduces painful “Contractions” and “Spasms”. “Full Body Massage/Therapy” can also reduce “Nerve Compression”. To understand this, consider that when Muscles are contracted, they sometimes compress the Nerves around them. When these Muscles are subsequently relaxed, the Nerves are no longer compressed, and, in theory, you can get proper Nutrients and operate more efficiently. The Nerves can assume their normal work of transmitting messages to and from the Brain, which then improves the functioning of the Muscles and Organs in your body.

Touching the Skin or applying pressure relaxes the Muscles, Tendons, and Ligaments. In addition, while some of the Deeper Tissues of the body, such as “Deep Spinal Musculature”, cannot be easily accessed by a Physical Therapist, the release of more “Superficial” layers of Muscles may also affect these “Deeper” layers as well. This can lead to both Superficial and Deep Tissues finding a better Alignment and Balance. This will help to give you more Muscle Flexibility and a better Range of Motion.

Your “Organs” can also benefit from “Full Body Massage/Therapy”, as they share the same “Neurological Pain Pathways” with Muscles, Bones, and Nerves. When Muscles, Bones, or Nerves are distressed, Organs can sometimes reflect “Distress” and “Dysfunction”. For example, Lower Back Pain can intensify “Menstrual Cramps” and “Menstrual Cramps” can also cause Lower Back Muscles to become tense. “Full Body Massage/Therapy” can therefore improve the symptoms associated with the functioning of both these Organs and their Muscles.

Our Special “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” Session helps to maintain Healthy Muscles by helping to relax these Muscles by reducing these “Painful Contraction” and “Spasms”. Our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” also helps to improve the functions of Muscles, Nerves, Tendons and Ligaments. As a result, Pains are either greatly reduced or fully eradicated altogether.

(8) Maintenance of Healthy Muscles

The maintenance of Healthy Muscles is a benefit commonly gained through “Full Body Massage/Therapy”. When muscles are unhealthy, they can become weak, fatigued and more prone to become damaged or injured. A “Full Body Massage/Therapy” will help to stimulate an increase in Blood Flow. Nutrients, such as Calcium and Iron are carried within the Blood, which are essential to keep muscles healthy and strong. Oxygen is also carried within the Blood. Oxygen provides Muscles with energy within the working Muscles.

Our Special “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” helps to maintain Healthy Muscles by helping the Muscles to improve in its Performance, Speed Up Recovery, Decrease the Level of Pain and increases its overall Strength.

(9) Increased Range of Movement

Increased “Range of Movement” is another benefit often gained through our “Preventative Maintenance Massage/Therapy”. Increased “Range of Movement” can occur at both Joints and Muscles level. When Joints and Muscles are stiff, tight and tense, movement is somewhat restricted and the level of Pain is increased. “Preventative Maintenance Massage/Therapy” aims to relieve these Muscle Tightness. When Muscles are relaxed, there is an increase in Flexibility. The “Range of Movement” around these Joints are also increased.

Our Special “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” Session helps you to increase the “Range of Movement” in your Joints and Muscles through our unique and “Special Manipulation Techniques” that will help you to improve on its Performance, Prevent Injury and Increases Relaxation.

(10) Improved Posture

Our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” Session can often benefit your “Posture”. “Poor Posture” occurs very often in a lot of different people. There are many different ways in which a person’s “Posture” can be poor and many different reasons why it occurs.

A person’s “Posture” can be “Kyphotic” meaning the Shoulders are brought forward giving the “Hunched Effect”.

A person’s Posture can be “Lordotic” meaning the Stomach area is pushed forward making the buttock area stick out or have a flat back posture meaning there is no natural curve in the back.

All different types of “Poor Posture’ can be caused by a variety of reasons, the most common reasons being work and exercise. “Poor Posture” can result in Muscle Tightness, Joint Stiffness and an increase in the level of Pain.

Our Special “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” Session helps to improve one’s “Posture” which in turn help you to increase your “Range of Movement”, reduce “Stiffness” and increase your overall “Mobility”.

(READ Our Blog for a more Detailed Explanation of the ALL the Benefits of our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy”)


Ideally, everyone should be getting a normal “Regular Massage” ONCE a week, or at least once in every two weeks. But this guideline changes if you are recovering from an Injury – where you may be required to get massages once a week for 4 weeks, for example, and then get a reassessment to see how the Injury is progressing before a New Treatment Plan is designed for you.

While we know that everyone would very much like to embrace this “Ideal” situation, it may not be possible for everyone due to their “Work Commitments” or “Time Constraint”, plus the “Costs Consideration” of undertaking or adopting such a routine.

While we may be strong, meaning our Muscles can handle doing a lot of activities, we may sometime experience a bit of a Pain or might be a little bit hurt or injured, but we won’t get it treated immediately. Instead, we wait to see if the pain develops into something that we consider to be noteworthy – which, in many cases, is 6+ months after we experienced the initial discomfort. By this time, what was once a small issue may have compounded into something more serious and may require even more workout time with the Therapist and/or Physician. This is why going for a “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” Session is so important – while you’re not as hurt, we can treat your injury as it progresses (if it even progresses). You’ll feel better and remain healthier.

However, note that there may be other “Alternative Treatments” that work well with our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” for your condition, including (but not limited to “Spinal Adjustment”, “Ultrasound”, “Shockwave (ESWT) Therapy”, “Acupuncture”, “Fascia Stretch Therapy”, etc. Some injuries are best treated with a combination of “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” and some of these “Alternative Treatments”, so please discuss your injuries directly with our Consultant Therapist/TCM Physician to determine the best course of action for you.

Unlike an “Injury Rehabilitation Therapy”, our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” Session helps to “Prevent Injury” as well as to treat “Chronic Problems” on a “Holistic Level” by looking at the Entire Body, the Biomechanics, the Posture and the Regular Workout and Training of the Individual to make corrections as well as some long-term changes to enhance their Performance and Well-being.

The Ideal Interval for such Preventative Maintenance Therapy” Session is ONCE in EVERY 4 Weeks to 6 Weeks Duration.


How your body responds to a Normal “Regular Massage” and our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” will depend on you. Typically, a Normal “Regular Massage” may help you to stop or reduces the Pain Level right there, but it may not necessarily address the “Root” issues or conditions that you may be facing. For example, a Normal “Regular Massage” session can be effective in dealing with “Cramping”, “Stiff Muscles” and “Joints”, etc. which our “Regular TCM Therapists” can immediately treat these sore or stiff muscles. But they may not be able to address your underlying “Acute” or “Chronic” conditions entirely because these will need the Additional Special Skills or Knowledge of our “Consultant Therapist” or “TCM Physician” in order to treat these more complicated underlying conditions.

However, with Acute and Chronic pain, our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” treatment can help you to improve on how your overall “Body Functions”. If the injury is “Acute with Inflammation”, the goal of the treatment would be to reduce the Inflammation; by getting your regularly scheduled treatment, you can keep your Inflammation down and reduce/eradicate the pain. With more “Chronic Injuries”, our Consultant Therapist/TCM Physician can treat those Conditions at its source and may even focus on the “Underlying Issues” causing the Pain in the first instance.

While we aren’t trying to claim that our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” is a “Cure All” treatment, it will fall on the Clients to make the necessary changes to improve their own Holistic Health (for example, by adjusting their Postures, learning proper techniques for exercises, be more conscientious of their diet, etc.), and many of these patients may need to incorporate some additional form of treatments to supplement and fully treat their existing “Underlying Conditions”. If they had not come for our “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” in the first instance, they might have missed out on the possible early detection of these more serious conditions and then have their problems treated at the earliest possible moment, instead of letting their condition “compounded” into something bigger and more serious which may become even more difficult to treat at a later date.


To set-up your appointment for a “Preventative Maintenance Therapy” Session, please Call @ 6983 4964 or WhatsApp to @ 81200830 to book your appointment with our Consultant Therapist, MR. SIM CHIN SENG now. Please expect a short waiting period of a few days due to the limited number of patients our Consultant Therapist can treat in a day.

You will not only find our Preventative Maintenance Therapy” sessions are so effective in its result. You will also find the pricing to be so reasonable and affordable too. After going through your 1st Session, you will want to immediately become a “Regular” who will come every 4 to 6 weeks to keep yourself in the pink of Health.

‘HEALTH is your new WEALTH in this New Normal”

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